Wonderloop for iPhone

To request an invite: ask a friend who is already using Wonderloop for an invite. Each member has three to give away!

Wonderloop is the future of collaboration, hiring, investing and giving: to see who we are. It's the first step. Wonderloop is not just about what you do, but about who you are and what you want for the future. It is a platform for meeting new contacts through personal introductions.

The next step in social media: It goes beyond photos, giving a real understanding of what every user is like as a person.

Unique Video Profiles in Wonderloop for iPhone

Video Profiles

No photos, no long bios, just video-profiles. Introduce yourself to a global community within 20 seconds.

Effortless Introductions in Wonderloop for iPhone


Reach your goals and dreams through the introductions you make. Give back to someone by introducing them to your connections.

Intelligent Search in Wonderloop for iPhone


Find people by name, location, industry and skills using our powerful search feature.

Our vision: Creating a search engine of what life is about: people.

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